Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nail Update

So I did my nails on Friday. I'm not perfect! But I'm getting there.I'm not a pro and alot of people argue that you shouldn't do your nails if you are not a pro because it is bad for nail technician business. However, sometimes ( more like all the time), you just gotta do you....The theme of these nails is marble with white, purple, pink, and a purple tinted silver. Basically to do marble nails you just draw a few lines and use a dotting/marbling tool, or a toothpick or pin if you do'nt have one, to drag across them.On the ring fingers I have underlayed silver glitter just for some pop.&& here are the photos of my work:

This is the left hand, notice the butterfly on the index! :)

This is my right hand. My favorite is the pinky because I wasn't sure what to do, but it came out awesome.
Next design I think will be all glitter nails..If I don't get too bored with it

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