Thursday, February 3, 2011

Avon Sonic Boost Mascara

Okay, I just wanted to do some kind of review on this mascara because I'm really enjoying it. My friend gave it to me as a Christmas gift, and I loved it upon the first use. It doesn't give you crazy volume, but I love the lift and lengthening that  it does give. It makes my eyelashes look super bouncy and my eyes look brighter. People came up to me and they said they love my eye makeup and I said I really didn't do anything different from any other day ( besides the mascara ofcourse). I must say at first I wasn't so thrilled about it vibrating, but after I used it my eyelashes looked beautiful.

Can I Breathe?

You shove your ideology straight down my throat
I Can't stand your smile, your face, your voice.
Fake love doesn't get me anywhere
If you died tomorrow I swear I wouldn't care
So tell me why I should even pretend
To cherish the abnoxious time in which we spend
I can't say a word, Oh how I wish to let out a shout
But I patiently wait for the day when I can get out
Until then I'm as quiet as a mouse
Stifled to death in this prison house