Saturday, December 8, 2012

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

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However, I would like to start blogging again, so please support me! I just started college so things have been hectic for me.. but i will start posting things that i have been up to o Blogger :)

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Other Nail Art That I have Done


Monday, May 9, 2011

One of My Newest Nail Designs

Ok...So It's Been a While

I havent updated my blog in about 3 months...I'm such a slacker....Anywho!  Honestly I've been handling business and had to make sure I have it together before I really do any extra things on the side ( like blogging). I've still been doing my nails and such, and I still have been trying to experience my life to the fullest. My next couple of  posts will have to do with my adventures on the outside ( because I live under a rock).
    For starters, I went to New Jersey again!!! This time it was even more amazing. I went to this store called Five Below, where they sell everything for five bucks or less. And I got some pretty awesome things from them too! I got another dotting tool which i really do not need...but it's different from all the other ones that I I got it. I also got this really cool bracelet, earphones,  and three new nail polishcolors which I will be reviewing quite soon!
    I also went to the Botanical Gardens in Brooklyn over the weekend, and I saw hundreds of different flowers and plants that I've never even heard of. Its amazing how I live in the most active city in the world, NYC, yet I havent been to all these beautiful places. When I went to the Gardens I swear all I could think is how wonderful and creative God is to do so much all at the same time... I would encourage everyone to go to the Botanical Gardens and experience it for themselves.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hey guys...

I've been really busy recently, but don't give up on me!!! I'll be posting some new stuff soon!!!