Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Journal: Feb 2nd- Snow Day!

So today I was off from school because there is some potential harm in traveling on ice.
I woke up really this morning thinking " Hmm I have been thinking a lot about cooking lately. Time for breakfast." So I whipped up some pancakes, french toast, and some homemade syrup for my mother and I to share. She taught me before how to make this chunky syrup by boiling together cherries, cranberries,  sugar, and cranberry sauce, and it came out weird looking but yet so appetizing. To top it all off I sprinkled some confectionery sugar on top.   I was very contented. This inspired me to cook now, so I'll be trying some recipes from Yes, Divas Can Cook. I love this blogger I've been looking at her recipes for a while on her blog and on YouTube and she makes me just want to...cook. I want to try her Southern pecan pie recipe...Can you say yum?

So here's my french toast & pancakes  with my chunky fruit 'syrup'. I'm quite satifsied with the results. Delicioso.

For lunch my mom made Pholouri, and if you aren't familiar with what exactly that is, it basically a Caribbean dish made from flour, yeast, split peas powder,and curry.  It is so good. She also made this kind of sauce, made from avocado like guacamole but much more flavorful to act as a dip. The best lunch I have had it a while. Don't you just love good food?


I'm really feeling Kleancolor Nailpolish!!!

They're selling this nail polish everywhere now, and at my neighborhood beauty supply store it's only a dollar.
My favorite colors right now are Wild Rose, Neon Orange, and Pink Lady. I know its wintertime, and the trend is to stick to warm colors..But what the hell, you only live once :) Kleancolor nail polish is so good though. Its cheap but it's long lasting. Ladies go buy some! 
You ever find something that you just love to do? I tell you doing nails has got to be that something for me. When I "make it" I'm definitely going to open up a nail business on the side.

By the way here is some of my work.