Sunday, February 20, 2011

It Feels So Good To Let It Go

Almost two years ago, my best friend and I had a ridiculous fight and I stopped speaking to her. Recently, she came up to me and apologized and now we are good friends. I just want to say, it feels so good to forgive and forget! When you are mad at someone for something they have done to you, its like carrying a load on your shoulder. Take my advice: let go of the past. It does nothing for you. Every time i saw her, I instantly became mad. I hated seeing her face. That's not a good thing. Guys I urge you, you might get mad at someone one day and they might die the next!! Make up with your friends, because in the end you might need them! I'm glad that she came to me and asked for my forgiveness because the whole situation was honestly stupid. Even if you don't talk to the person ever again, forgive them just for yourself, because it really is not good to hold hate in your heart.

         I also think that a part of growing up is learning how to let some things go. Even though a lot of adults still hold onto drama, I think it's a mature decision to let go of the negative. It helps to build character. However, I do have trouble doing it even if its killing' me to hold onto it. Its a bad habit. I especially can't let go of it when the person keeps hurting me and keeps trying to sabotage me. That's when I really can't let it go. But I'm going to pray on it, because Jesus forgives me every time I do something wrong. I should always forgive, because I'm certainly not perfect and I do despicable things.  Imagine if Jesus stopped forgiving me for everything I do and just let me burn in hell?