Monday, February 7, 2011

My Newest Nail Designs

                                      The Teal and Silver used in this nail design is from Kleancolor.
                       The Silver and Barbie Pink used in this nail design is from Kleancolor as well.

Home sick :( But still Productive

I seem to have caught some sort of cold. But that didn't stop me.I had hominy , which is a Caribbean porridge made of boiled corn. I couldn't really taste it but hey.. And I also I decided to try some recipes on my own because I refuse to just sit around the house and do nothing. Firstly, I created the wonderful corn casserole that I learned how to make from one of my childhood teachers. Here is the link to the basic recipe: Link- All Recipes Dot Com. The only thing I did not use from the recipe is the sour cream, because thats not how I originally learned how to cook it. It came out beautifully.
             Then I made sweet and sour chicken inspired by Ateya. Here is both of them on my plate.
          Live each day to the fullest, whether you're traveling around the world, or you're laying sick in your bed.