Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm really feeling Kleancolor Nailpolish!!!

They're selling this nail polish everywhere now, and at my neighborhood beauty supply store it's only a dollar.
My favorite colors right now are Wild Rose, Neon Orange, and Pink Lady. I know its wintertime, and the trend is to stick to warm colors..But what the hell, you only live once :) Kleancolor nail polish is so good though. Its cheap but it's long lasting. Ladies go buy some! 
You ever find something that you just love to do? I tell you doing nails has got to be that something for me. When I "make it" I'm definitely going to open up a nail business on the side.

By the way here is some of my work.


  1. I love Kleancolor too, and just added a dozen more to my collection yesterday! (at $8 for a dozen in downtown l.a., it's hard to refuse!). I love the last design in this post and totally want to copy it!