Sunday, February 6, 2011

Food Food Food

For the past couple of days, I've been eating some miscellaneous foods. There was almost nothing in my refrigerator... Sometimes you have to make something out of nothing.
On the top:  Baked mashes potatoes with a kind of bread on the bottom and cheese on the top.On the bottom:  half of a small baked potato..Pretty good.

Some of the delicious chili my brother made...and I made a Guyanese cheese and butter Sammich. They taste soooo good combined.

                                                         Sometimes the simplest things are enough.

And lastly, Last night I went out to eat with my church family to the famous Gabby's Pizza, who was on Rachel Ray's show, and is recognized for being the best in Queens New York. I had the baked ziti with meatballs on the side...Excellent I tell you! I clobbered that plate like I haven't seen food for a decade.
                                           ...Now off to the gym

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